The Clerk of the Circuit Court's Office processes over 100,000 legal filings,  130,000 land records, 8,000 business licenses and 5,000 marriage licenses each year. Other duties include providing assistance to the judges in over 5,000 criminal and civil trials each year and administering the oath of office to hundreds of elected and appointed officials. In carrying out these crucial duties, our highest priorities are: Efficiency, Customer Service, and Access to Justice.


Efficiency - Ensuring court documents are processed quickly and accurately by implementing new technology and other operational improvements.

My achievements in the last four years have included:

  • Saving over $350,000 a year in operating costs

  • Increasing the speed of processing legal filings over 80%

  • Cleaning up a backlog of 8,500 boxes of unarchived legal documents

Customer Service

Customer Service - Committed to delivering outstanding customer service as the first and highest duty of public service.

My achievements in the last four years have included:

  • Speeding the delivery of legal documents from several days to a few seconds by implementing e-delivery

  • Keeping the office functioning during COVID, completing more hearings than all of New York City.

  • Conducting over 500 remote weddings during COVID, including for couples who were hospitalized, in danger of losing medical insurance, and military members being deployed.

Access to Justice

Access to Justice - Making our Clerk’s Office accessible to all, regardless of background, means or limitations.

My achievements in the last four years have included:

  • Helping people understand and navigate the court system, including publishing articles on free help available for people who need it, as well as making numerous presentations to community groups.

  • Partnering with various community and state groups to improve access to the courts, including the Equal Justice Committee, Domestic Law Committee,  Domestic Violence Coordinating Council and Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee.

  • Reducing red tape for businesses including working with legislators to update outdated laws and streamline court processes for the public.